Technology Based Activities

Using technology achieves full immersion, motivation, inclusion and enhanced learning.

Technology is enabling more engaging, immersive team building activities. Tech-based team building activities encourage the same outcomes of a traditional team building program like collaboration, effective communication, creative thinking and problem solving but with the convenience of technology. Utilizing GPS instead of maps for treasure hunts, tablets instead of paper for quizzes and, the best thing they enable real time scoring (no waiting around). They have enabled funky new features like interactive mapping, image recognition technology, photo and video uploads, team to team chat and loads of other cool features.

At Catalyst we have several award winning technology based team building solutions. Go Team is the platform for a selection of indoor and outdoor experiential team activities that can be customized to reflect your outcomes and requirements. There is something for every situation including uniquely designed treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, escape games, social responsibility programs, learning & development applications and more. Quickfire is the technology platform for a variety of risk vs. reward team building activities. With various themes, different difficulty levels and a vast array of customize-able mental, physical and creative challenges there is something for every situation. Our conference quiz app, Push It! is slick, elegant and fun. Dual team tablets, physical challenges on the big stage and real time scoring make Push It! the choice for conference and meeting planners world-wide.

Looking for something creative? Why not let you team become film makers for the day? Try Travel Show, Blockbusters, 15 Famous Minutes, Pop Promo or Commercial Break. Or get the synapses firing with Catalyst's technology based corporate team building music events like Shake It! or Boom Time Live! that really set the room on fire with interactivity and real time scoring.

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