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Create opportunities for people to have fun together for a more enjoyable work-life and effective teams.

We all love to have fun. Friendships are formed through spending time with others, having a joke and hanging out. Teams who have fun together work better together. Research shows that when people have friendships with their co-workers they report to finding their job more satisfying, enjoyable and worthwhile. Flexible work arrangements means that teams don't come together face-to-face as often as they may have done in the past. Digital technologies make it easier to communicate but face-to-face interactions and shared experience are well known to be most effective in creating real connections. Mutual trust and friendship among people within a team promotes group loyalty that results in a shared commitment and discipline toward team projects.

Through carrying out tasks that are out of their norm while having fun, they relax and perform in their natural work style. This has a two-fold result. People learn to get to know themselves better and they come to see others on the team in a way, developing an appreciation for their unique talents. This mutual respect, sense of identity, and admiration brings lasting camaraderie and motivation to work diligently for a shared goals. Team building activities that allow people to connect in a relaxed informal atmosphere are often used by team leaders to encourage team spirit, fun, and create a common sense of purpose. Just like a sporting team who play, loose and win together team building activities can motivate teams to work well together, celebrating both the highs and the lows together. Take a look at these team building activities that are great fun, creative memorable shared experience and team bonding.

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