Go Explore!

Teams explore their chosen location

1 - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
4 - Unlimited


Go Explore! gives your team access to an enormous range of venues including cities, art galleries, museums, zoos, aquariums, sporting venues, planaterium and more! You can either get together with your team and head out and have fun learning about your chosen venue with our award winning app as your guide. Or if you and your team work remotely and can't be in the same physical space, try our Virtual Go Explore which is available on any device from any location - even from the comfort of your lounge room! During the activity you'll complete fun team challenges including quizzes, video and photo challenges all designed for you to bond with your team while you discover interesting facts and have fun!

Learning Outcomes

In Go Team Indoors participants engage and have fun together while learning key business skills. Leadership and delegation are key to making sure a team is working in parallel and to its strengths. Coolness under pressure and assessing risk and reward are fundamental to success. Use it to energize your conference, motivate & enthuse delegates, unify the group, explore specific learning outcomes or simply just to have a fun shared experience. The applications for Go Team Indoors are boundless including employee engagement, staff training, product launches, marketing & promotions, or gathering feedback.

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