Final Furlong - Online

Experience all the excitement, intrigue and fun of racing

30 minutes - 1 hour
1 - Unlimited


Final Furlong is a fun virtual experience that brings team members together using our unique interactive mobile app. This allows teams to connect from any location and enjoy the excitement of horse racing. After a briefing through a video conferencing platform, everyone will be invited to study the betting guide and place bets through our mobile app. Afterwards, the horse races will start and will be broadcast live via video conference, so all of us experience the warm and turbulent horse racing atmosphere together.

To enhance the dynamics and to keep the energy flowing, we will also showcase our unique Fashions "Down the Hallway" and finish off with one final race to keep the hearts pumping, no matter where you are!

Learning Outcomes

This activity allows participants to experience all the excitement, intrigue and fun of horse racing without leaving the current working environment. At the same time they can reconnect with their colleagues, Final Furlong Remote brings strategy, friendly competition, creative flare and unity to life. Through this extremely fun team experience, teams establish and strengthen the working relationships.

This fun program can be held to reward a remote team for their hard work for weeks, months or years. It has a highly inclusive design framework that can enhance teamwork and strategic thinking like real horse racing. Teams work together to generate strategies to make the best bets, slowly building up friendly competition. The engaging virtual horse racing experience stimulates the team's motivation and morale, and enhances team cohesion.

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