Final Furlong

All the fun of the races

1 - 2.5 hours
20 - Unlimited


The program will be introduced by your ‘Bookies’ and they will give each table their starting “Be Challenged cash”. From here each team will have a chance to bet on the outcomes of different races; horses, trots, greyhounds and maybe even camels ensuring everyone is kept entertained for the entire time. Final Furlong is a chance for your team to bond outside of the work environment while also enjoying the great atmosphere that comes with the races.

Learning Outcomes

Breaking the ice can often be the hardest thing to do when meeting new people or working within a new team. Final Furlong gets people talking, thinking and working together quickly and has been tried and tested to accelerate through the awkward phase of getting people comfortable in their new environment, therefore ensuring an increased participation rate and greater outcomes achieved.

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