Body Rap

Energy raising hilarious rhythmic exercise

10 - 30 minutes
Indoors and Outdoors
30 - Unlimited


Body Rap starts with a energy raising warm up with participants guided through body sound exercises. Once invigorated participants are invited to "glove-up". As soon as the team have the gloves on they will be stomping, body slapping and vocalizing as one to create a colorful and absolutely ridiculous musical spectacular. The audio and visual feast will be sure to have everyone in fits of laughter as they do the Body Rap together.

Learning Outcomes

Quick, quirky, and incredibly effective, Body Rap is an off-the-wall musical conference pick-me-up guaranteed to liven up the most challenging audience. It will inject life and vigor into your
meeting. ensuring participants are ready once again to focus on conference messages. Body Rap uses the power of humor, rhythm and shared experience to energize and unify teams with positive memorable results.

Related Testimonial

Just when the energy of our conference was at a low point, we experienced Body Rap. It had exactly the desired effect. It lifted spirits and engaged everyone bringing smiles to everyone's faces. All delegates were better placed to received the afternoon conference content.


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