Healthcare workers plant trees for the community

Published on Sep 27, 2011

Disadvantaged areas of Liverpool in the UK recently benefit from CSR team building activity Tree Mend Us 130 participants rolled up their sleeves and planted trees to enhance and beautiful public spaces.

Pre-event Planning

The organization approached Catalyst UK to arrange a socially responsible team building activity that would impact the environment. With this in mind Catalyst suggested were keen to make sure Tree Mend Us a collaborative tree planting activity. A great deal of time went into negotiating with local representatives to ensure that the most worthy of causes would benefited from the tree planting.

What happened?

Healthcare delegates on conference at The Hilton formed 15 teams eager to tackle the challenge of planting over 130 trees in carefully researched locations all within striking distance of the Hotel. Armed with trowels, watering cans and armfuls of dinky little tree saplings, the teams set off with a mission to ‘give back’ to the community. Participants had to learn to work together as a team with effective communication, assigning appropriate roles and strategic planning their process to achieve success.


All credit to the energy of this group who worked together to plant all the sites in an incredibly short time frame. Many of the voluntary organizations they helped have to work with limited budgets, but the personal dedication of their members has had an amazing effect on their community and environment. Schools, Community Centers, Resident Associations and Feed The Homeless schemes were all very grateful for the groundwork this activity achieved.

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