Samsung explore team dynamics with Red Alert

Published on May 6, 2019

In Conversation with : Ciler ay, Human Resources Manager, Samsung, Turkey

Who participated in the Red Alert team building activity today?

New graduates, senior students and people who are currently doing their PHD.

Why did you choose Red Alert?

Samsung is in the technology sector. Red Alert is a technology based team building game with a tailor made concept which has never been experienced by our participants before.

Do you have a favourite feature of this game or a specific game within it?

Discovering, exploring and generally the whole excitement of the game is what I like about it. It pushes you to think and extends your problem solving skills. It helps explore team dynamics as we transitioned through the activities. I like the one where you find countries.

Participant 2

Usually we focus on the winner in team games but in this game nobody knows who the winner is. We had different puzzle arrangements in the boxes. In our box there were different games than in other team's boxes. This means that you can't compare what you are doing with the other teams and hence why there is no competition between the teams but it leads to whole group success. So, it teaches collaboration and integration really well. I like it so much!

Participant 3

I liked it because it contains different activities. Differentiating from escape room game logic, everything is in a box and the consequences of your actions lead to different points in the game.

Participant 4

All the activities were great for me too. I realised that I was excited about the next puzzle while trying to solve the current one! Thinking ... What will be next? What will be next? There were different activities which addressed different people's skills in the team.

What is your take-away message from Red Alert?

It is a great game that brings across the final message that, "We always need to be in touch with what is going on outside our own micro tasks and team, we should communicate with our competitors and actually see the big picture.".

What do you consider the most important thing you learnt from Red Alert?

Participant 3

The most important thing I learnt from this game is team dynamics and individual strength of others. I witnessed that each individual has different skills.. In each of the different games, different people were able to see the solution. For me it was the best part of this game, "Team Work"

Participant 2

I want to thank the development team - I had such a great time!

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