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Catalyst Global is the largest team building network in the world with 43 companies in 83 countries we believe the success of our partners is the key to our success. We are actively seeking businesses in new regions. Find out about the benefits of this exciting business opportunity.

In 2014, 1725 Catalyst team building programs were run with 145,337 participants worldwide. At Catalyst Global our focus on the success of our partners both long-standing and new, is a key reason for our continued exponential growth.

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Team Building Excellence

Our approach is one that promotes excellence.  We highly value the quality of our products and the manner in which they are sold and delivered to meet the unique needs of each client. Training of new partners and the retraining of existing partners is paramount to maintaining excellence. So to is network support. With offices in both the northern and southern hemispheres, Catalyst Global staff is on hand to assist partners at all times.

Longevity and Trust

We aspire to and work hard at developing close, long-term relationships with our partners, believing that longevity and trust in our business relationships are essential to ensuring high quality and reliability of the delivery of our products.

Global Product Delivery

We continue to actively grow our network globally ensuring that through local delivery and global collaboration, product prices remain competitive and Catalyst team building activities remain the best in the market in terms of delivery and results.

We take seriously the attitude to the communities with which we work, with all activities framed by our Corporate Responsibility policy.

New Product Development

We create innovative, creative team building products through extensive research and development. We have a keen interest in current trends in motivational psychology and pay close attention to proven techniques for creating real change in corporations and apply this science to the development of our games.

We are constantly exploring how we can utilise technological advances such as permanent connectivity, real-time responses and gamification elements in the creation of our products and the redevelopment of existing products. 

It is by these actions that we ensure that we maintain our relevance and dominance of the team building market thereby supporting our stakeholders - Catalyst Global network partners.

Branding & Social Media Marketing

Our products are well branded and supported with training videos and manuals; how to guides, as well as, promotional videos & materials including attractive mood boards & timelines.

We actively market the Catalyst brand and its products throughout the globe primarily utilising social media channels and online publications, as well as, the Catalyst Global website.

We support our network partners in marketing Catalyst products in their region.  Additionally, we develop and host a regional website for each of our Gold member partners, where applicable in their region’s language a proven source of enquiries and sales leads.

Power of the Network

The Catalyst Global Team Building Network now consists of 32 partners worldwide. That’s a lot of collective time and expertise working the team building industry. Via our partner forum employees and directors of partner companies discuss and collaborate on a range of subjects including event delivery techniques, pricing, quoting, sales techniques, social media marketing ideas and importantly global clients, There is now opportunity for staff exchange between partner companies.

Our in-house reporting tool enables businesses to see product sales and client statistics leading to sales lead sharing to multi-national corporations, as well as, sharing of preferred supplier relationships with hotel chains and event venues.  


Catalyst Global directors and staff are available to visit partner offices to conduct training session and catch-up sessions when need requires.

The Catalyst Global Team Building Network Conference is held bi-annually in fantastic locations such as 2011 Dubai, UAE; 2013 Brighton, UK; and this November in Bangkok, Thailand. Every alternative year we hold zone conferences in Europe, Asia and Americas.

Join the Catalyst Global Network

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