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We are the originators of corporate team building. An award winning business, established over 25 years ago, which uses the power of intelligent game design to positively affect the culture of teams with lasting results.

Original, Proven & Passionate

Catalyst is an original start up.  The brain child of filmaker and outdoor educationalist and adventurer, Guy Baker and Martin Ruby, they set about over 30 years ago to create "Games for Grown-ups" bringing fun into the world of training and team dynamics. Many of the original games they created such as, Big Picture and Beatswork have gone on to be run countless times across the world for both major multinational corporation and small businesses and, have been such a success, they are often poorly copied by other team building companies.

Standards of Excellence

Catalyst continues to stand out from the crowd, pushing  the benchmark for excellence in development, sale and delivery of events.

Excellence in Development & Design

We invest time and money into ensuring that we continue to create new activities that match the needs of the ever changing world of work.  We are attune to current trends and research in intelligent game design and motivational dynamics to ensure that our games are not only fun, they influence behaviour, drive progress and positively affect the culture of teams with lasting results.

Excellence in Sales & Delivery

Our products are sold and delivered through our global partner network, the largest network of its kind with representatives in over 40 countries. Catalyst representatives are hand picked and some of the best companies in the team building industry. Using local resources allows us to have ocal and cultural knowledge, as well as, minimising cost while maintaining consistent delivery. We run comprehensive, on-going training programs for our network partners to ensure excellence in the sale and delivery of Catalyst team building programs is maintained.

Catalyst network partners are passionate about engaging their audiences, inspiring delegate achievement and helping to create change for your organisation. Our unique activities have been designed to be an integral part of any conference, training programme or company celebration, dovetailing with business, values, brand and culture. Our partners are adept at tailoring our events to any situation, goal or group anywhere in the world - and deliver them with a meticulous eye for organisational detail, on time and on budget.

Contact us to find our how we can assist you in bringing lasting change to your team.