Bonne Soiree

Feel the exhilaration of learning a new skill, exploring classical culture and accompanying two sopranos in a string orchestra.

1 - 2 hours
10 - Unlimited
musical team building activity

Key Outcomes


From the originators of Orchestrate comes another incredible, completely unique, classical team building experience. It is an experience and a story brought to life by compelling iconography, beautiful music and you. Bonne Soiree is the story of a composer whose music embodies completely the French spirit. "Belle Nuit, O unit d'amour" are the words which carry the people, and it is their determination and creativity which enable them to remold the country following a period of enormous difficulty.

In this fantastic activity, participants learn the story of the composition and then become familiar with either the violin or cello. Once familiar with their violin or cello, two experienced tutors guide the whole group through a beautiful composition. Players come together as confidence grows along with the intensity of a backing track that binds this uplifting and unforgettable experience.

Learning Outcomes

Bonne Soiree is an uplifting shared experience where participants are taken on a musical journey. They are enveloped in the story through music. From this transfixing, meditative state, they then go beyond their perceived limitations and learn the basics of playing a musical instrument, some for the very first time. This captivating activity commands total concentration and real teamwork to create a passionate final composition. But, as hard as this challenge is, the reward is an experience that will never be forgotten.

Not many individuals can learn to play classical music in under an hour, but a team of people working in synergy can. Participants will be amazed at what they can achieve in a limited amount of time together as a team.

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