Meditainment Online!

Provide individual access to an online library of critically acclaimed guided meditations for a popular wellbeing initiative in your workplace in the USA.

Meditainment Online

The online library contains 34 guided meditations, each a blend of meditation methods with stories, music and sounds of nature. A meditation begins with a short calming exercise that leads into an engaging story-line that takes you on a journey to a natural environment.

Access to the Meditainment library is offered to individuals directly from corporate intranets or through enrolment on the web-based corporate management and reporting portal. Individuals get lifetime access to the library of 34 guided meditations for unlimited use and are easily and enjoyed from any device, including mobiles & tablets.

Key Outcomes

  • Encourage a good living and working environment by providing a tool that promotes mental wellbeing, reduces stress and improves mood and sleep quality.
  • Help everyone become better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs, with the skills the practice of meditation brings.
  • Boost morale and mood with an entertaining and fun form of meditation that anyone can benefit from and enjoy.

Comprehensive range of meditations for personal development and better mental health:

Stress Reduction

Meditations to relieve stress rapidly and address physical & psychological stressors.

Rest & Relaxation

Meditations to rest deeply and as a quick recharge in the day when short on time.

Growth & Development

Meditations to increase passion for life; open up opportunities; empower; improve confidence; make the most of abilities and potential; achieve goals.

Self-Motivation & Energy

Meditations to boost energy; increase focus; calm unnecessary thoughts; improve performance.

Mindfulness & Insight

Meditations to expand awareness; awaken imagination; gain perspective.

Sleep & Recharge

Meditations to fall asleep quickly & sleep the whole night through.

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