Catch up on the latest global news from the world's largest network of team building companies, Catalyst Team Building Network.

Accentuate the positive

An emotionally balanced workplace is a more effective one for all. Dace Stīpniece explains how you create a sense of belonging by focusing on the wellbeing of colleagues Read more..

Change brings opportunity for Catalyst Global in the UK

Catalyst Global, the largest team building network in the world has seized the opportunity for change in the UK following the announcement of the liquidation of the BlueHat Group. Read more..

PREMIO Teambuilding joins Catalyst Global Team Building Network

We are excited to introduce Premio Teambuilding, a new member of the Catalyst Global team building network that have secured an exclusive licence to market, and deliver Catalyst Global team building products in Costa Rica and Panama. This is an exciting step in furthering the enormous impact that Catalyst Global team building programs are making for teams in Central & South America. Read more..

Pioneer or Pirate?

As a Creative Pioneer, you know the drill. You get a great idea, invest time, money and resources into researching, developing and trialling your new creative product. You launch it to the market. But alas! Barely before you can hoist the main sail, pirates who have been intently spying on your next move have copied it and proclaimed it as their own. Read more..

Agence Synergy joins the Catalyst Global Teambuilding Network

Catalyst Global announces exclusive partnership with Agence Synergy to sell and deliver Catalyst Team Building products in Tunisia. Read more..

Flexible Planning for Peak Performance

To achieve any goal, a team needs a strategy to achieve that goal, as well as a plan with which to implement its strategy - no matter how formal. However, even the most well plotted plan can hinder a team’s success if it does not allow for flexibility in the face of a changing environment, unexpected situations, and team members’ various needs. Read more..

What makes a great leader?

As the CEO of the world’s largest team building network, I am often asked what makes a great leader. There is a typical list, including a strong focus on results, an ability to develop effective strategies and plans – and to ensure those plans are carried out, decisiveness in the face of tough situations, an ability to be clear and firm in communicating those decisions, accountability for team performance, and the ability to manage setbacks with calm logic. The list goes on. Read more..

B1G1 Study Tour 2017 in Cambodia

This week Jo Hall from Team Up Events NZ is visiting B1G1 projects in Cambodia to see first hand the incredible impact Catalyst Global partners are having on people lives! Read more..

World’s First 24-Hour Treasure Hunt Sees Catalyst Global Give Back

Marking the world’s first 24 hour corporate treasure hunt, Catalyst Global partners - the largest international network of corporate team building professionals - last week came together to give back to the community through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event Go Give. Read more..

Catalyst Global Marks World First as It Spreads the Light of Giving

With the holidays approaching, Catalyst Global is celebrating the year and working to deepen our connection as a community. On December 12, capitalising on being the world’s largest network of team building providers with 42 businesses around the world, we will follow the sunrise around the globe to complete the world’s first 24-hour continuous corporate team building treasure hunt with impacts going to the global business giving initiative, B1G1. Read more..