Catalyst Team Building started in the United Kingdom over 25 years ago with a vision for bringing change to organisations through the power of inclusive team building, something that was unheard of at the time.


And now Catalyst team building continues to bring innovative proven team building products to businesses and events in the UK. With 20 years experience of corporate event management we have in depth knowledge of all major conference destinations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Oxford, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. In fact, name a major hotel and we’ve probably delivered one of our unique indoor or outdoor team games at that venue!

Here at Catalyst UK we believe it takes a special team to deliver a special teambuilding exercises. That is why all our people are carefully chosen, highly skilled and meticulously trained.

In the world of corporate motivation events we are original, proven and passionate and it is these values that are the key to our dynamic conference events. Catalyst team buidling in the UK are widely recognised as the leader in providing innovative teambuilding experiences - many of which are award winning and have become the industry standard.

And we are keep in touch with organisational psychology and trends in technology.  Some of our latest products Go Team, Peak Performance and Quickfire play on the well researched benefits of experiential learning and gamification.  Go Team UK is a brilliant way of engaging everyone in a fun and rewarding out and about team building experience.  

We offer a risk-free experience our clients, based on our attention to detail, high standards of delivery, extensive experience and an all-embracing portfolio of motivation events, meeting games, icebreakers and business simulations

We are also passionate about engaging our audiences, inspiring delegate achievement and helping to create change for your organisation. Similarly, we believe that you should have fun in whatever experience we deliver.

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