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The Maltese Islands have long attracted people to their enviable location in the very heart of the Mediterranean. Throughout history, everyone from the Romans and Phoenicians to the Knights of St John flocked here, each leaving an exciting part of their story behind.

As a result, Malta and Gozo have become world famous for their unparalleled 7,000-year history, and thousands of visitors every year venture over to see the Megalithic Temples or experience the wonder of the underground Hypogeum.

But it isn’t just islands’ history – or their wonderful 300-days-a-year of sunshine – that have helped to make them one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean; they also provide a fantastic spot for culture, fun and teambuilding.   

In fact, teambuilding has become a major draw of these tiny islands. The fact that they amount to less than 400 square kilometres combined, means that everything is in easy reach – you could be racing through the north on a jeep safari in the morning, followed by a kayaking tour of the south in the afternoon.

Naturally, the history plays a role too, and the fortified walls of the capital Valletta could provide the perfect backdrop to a medieval jousting competition, while the silent streets of Mdina would be ideal for a quirky treasure hunt. Alternatively, you could get a taste of local produce on a rural island farm, or even make a movie at one of the Mediterranean’s most famous film locations. In short, there’s really no end to the teambuilding and activity options available on the Maltese Islands!

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