Based on the outskirts of Dublin, leading team building company now hold the exclusive license for to Catalyst team building activities in the Republic of Ireland.

Catalyst Teambuilding is now partnered with in Ireland! What better place to motivate, enhance team dynamics and reinforce relationships than an out of office environment enjoying the purest, cleanest air in Ireland, while participating in exhilarating teambuilding events.

Orangeworks specialise in delivering corporate team building events to suit your objectives and needs. Team building and combined activity days are an essential part of keeping staff motivated and customers returning time and time again.

Whether you’re organising a team event, a conference, an away day, a fun day or team meeting – if you’re bringing people together and want to include a team building or motivational element – we can help! Our corporate team building events get people working together, having fun and achieving success.

Our activities are suitable for groups of between 8 and 1000 participants and range in duration from 20 minutes to 3 days.

Our approach involves setting your group challenging but achievable goals and then standing back and letting them get on with it. The challenge should be fun, engaging and highly participative. It should encourage groups to think outside the box while, at the same time, it will be apparent that success comes through pooling all the skills, resources and experience within the team; or in other words TEAMWORK!

We steer away from the type of corporate team building that involve your people queuing up to take a turn or that set individuals head-to-head.

Our Team Building Days are Ideal for:

  • Management Teams
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • SMEs
  • Departments

Whether you just want your staff or clients to unwind and relax or want to include some Xtreme activities to stretch the minds of the participants, we are happy to develop a programme specifically for your needs.

With the exclusive license to deliver Catalyst ‘s unique products we are even better equipped to deliver indoor teambuilding activities, business games and conference energisers throughout Ireland

Orangeworks specialise in such Team Building events to get your staff, clients, suppliers and indeed any stakeholder to work with you in a better, more efficient manner.

Visit the Orangeworks website for more information.