Catalyst team building programs in Hong Kong are sold and delivered by Team Building Asia through the Catalyst Asia network. The office is based in Hong Kong and also services Kowloon, Macau and other destinations in Asia.

Hong Kong is a fantastic destination for your next conference, with a multitude of locations for team building activities and corporate training programs.

We can deliver teambuilding games or event icebreakers at your conference venue, or you can get out and explore all that Hong Kong has to offer with some of our "Out & About" activities.

Hong Kong is known as a place where "East meets West". Chinese roots and British influences have blended, evolving into a truly unique location. A cutting edge, modern and multicultural society is balanced with traditional Chinese practices.
Hong Kong has a wealth of amazing attractions including The Peak, Victoria Harbour and the Giant Buddha. Experience the contrast between the breathtaking cityscapes, heritage sites and beautiful natural locations.

Nearby Macau also offers many excellent conference venues and is a fantastic location for your next conference. has more information.