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With its stable economy, reliable transportation networks, advanced internet and mobile connectivity and outstanding conference venues, Chile is a popular destination for international congresses and conventions, as well as, a popular destination for business tourism and incentive travel.

Chile is a nation as diverse as its weather and geography from the incredible heights and picturesque scenery of the Andes to its long coast line and bustling modern cities.  It is a land of surprises offering diverse tourism experiences including incredible sightseeing, trekking, horse riding, snowboarding and more. Its gastronomic delights equally match in surprises freshness diversity and colour.

Its Chile’s countless destinations, attractions and matchless diversity has made it one of the top ten tourist destinations in the Americas.Arica Iquique and Antofagasta with their beautiful beaches, Putre boasting the Lauca National Park, the Volcan Isluga National Park with its Aymara ceremonial sites, Humberstone a UNESCO World Heritage site, the salt flats, volcanoes, lakes and geysers of the Altiplano of Norte Grande, the breathtaking natural sights of the San Pedro de Atacama, La Portada with its incredible natural arch, the flowering deserts, Lake Chungara one of the highest lakes in the world, the Parinacota volcano and the dozens of observatories throughout the country.  

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