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What can I say - THE DAY WAS GREAT!! A BIG thanks must go to you and your team for yet again exceeding our expectations.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Thank you again so much for a really wonderful offsite last week. We have heard such great things from the attendees, that they really enjoyed it and found it a nice way to end the program. I think we are in great shape for our future events!


Peak Performance was the highlight of Artisan Recruitments annual conference and strategy planning day. We wanted an activity that would give a sense of competition, an opportunity for fast thinking, resilience, team work and provide our team with a bit of entertainment along the way. Our team were really engaged in the activity and had a great time with the challenges that were also part of the Peak Performance game. The results lasted back at work with team members taking the skills they learned back to the office and we are still hearing people talk about making flags, building tents and figuring out the rope harnesses. As the People and Culture Manager I highly recommend Peak Performance by Be Challenged.

Skye London Artisan Recruitments

We have been working with Catalyst Romania - UNIVERSUM since 2006 on employer branding projects, incentive and corporate events, internal animation and team-building activities that involved all company employees from middle to top management, from staff to supervisors. I can confirm that they were extremely dedicated to our projects and their contribution was highly appreciated and I must emphasize on their drive and enthusiasm, attention to detail, initiative, energy level, imagination, flexibility. Besides being a joy to work with, UNIVERSUM was able to present creative ideas and had successfully developed and implements them during our event. Catalyst was a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented agency that was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to the assigned project. We highly recommend UNIVERSUM as a supplier; they are not only a true business partner who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, but also how to get it done quickly and effectively. DANONE Romania will continue to work together with UNIVERSUM and we are recommending them for their professionalism and creativity both in developing and implementing corporate projects.

Luiza Toma Danone Romania

The activity was inspiring and enhanced collaboration between the teams. The facilitation made the Rat Trap an interesting and enjoyable experience which was well received by all of the participants.

Jade Lo WWF - Hong Kong
Event: Rat Trap

The energy, enthusiasm and fun that Paul, his fellow musicians bought to the session was brilliant. The final result of the massed bands was just unbelievable!

British Airways

I thought I'd drop you a mail to say thank you very much for a really great teambuilding event. The feedback and enthusiasm from our people has been outstanding. All four team members were fantastic and demonstrated professionalism, understanding, patience, humour and lots of energy. Special mention to Jene and Simon who also ran the Sunday morning brilliantly and attended my session on Saturday morning. I can now officially say that you are now considered as our main supplier for these kind of events. Keep me posted on new products and ideas you are developing.

British Airways

What can I say. Excellent. The team wants to paint a Big Picture every week! The objectives of the activity really fit in with the objectives of our day. Very effective!

Paris Gallery

Thanks for the email - everyone loved the event and were very complimentary of Gerry and the team from Catalyst Dream Team South Africa. Scott was particularly pleased and commented that the goal of creating a cohesive team was very much achieved. It was great for all to interact and get to know one another in a fun-filled and exciting way. It was agreed by all that the event was a resounding success.

Nokia Siemens Networks

Thanks Team Building Asia for all your hard work in putting together such a successful event. The feedback from all participants was outstanding. For me as a participant, and an observer, it was clear that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Building A Dream activity. You guys really nailed the execution, a very well done job indeed.

Amied Shadmaan General Electric

What can I say. Excellent. The team wants to paint a Big Picture every week! The objectives of the activity really fit in with the objectives of our day. Very effective!


We had a wonderful time! All were impressed with the way it was done. Very professional, but VERY friendly. We had a blast! Your number will remain highlighted in my telephone book for future events. Many thanks again to Izak and Sarah; they did very well to make our day a success.

Danone Clover

Team Torque was loved by our entire staff and very integral to our team development. I hope to plan another event with you soon!

Wataniya Telecom
Event: Team Torque

This team building event was heralded as the best by far! This is no small feat and it was all down to your team!


The event was brilliant & very well organised!” Our team highly appreciated it and personally I could not have been more grateful to all who contributed to its success. Thank you again!

Dade Behring

It was an absolute pleasure to work with your Sales & Events team for our Chariot Challenge event!

Edward W Kelley & Partners

Your staff did an excellent job and kept our F1 Challenge event lively! Good job & keep it up!

Carrier Transicold Europe

The euphoric feeling that came out from the performance was something quite extraordinary and really did give everyone a pretty special moment.

Event: Orchestrate!

Your team subtly brought the team building element to the fore without the delegates even realizing it!


Thank you for a great time - we all thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days.


I would like to thank you for an enjoyable and interesting weekend. I think on a positive note that this has been one of the best such events I have had the pleasure to attend.

Barclays Capital

You've exceeded our expectations - well done! I'll keep in touch! The feedback from our team is 'WOW'! They've never thought that what we've created is possible. As you said: Impossible for possible!

Barclays Capital

A big THANK YOU to you and your team for making The Big Picture event truly exceptional. I think the candidates left with such a good impression of Investec and our 'distinctiveness'. You understand Investec so well, and your passion and energy is overwhelming. We so look forward to working together again.

Investec Bank

It seems that everyone had a lot of fun and are inspired to carry the message forward.

Estée Lauder

Thanks for turning a very suspicious and cynical crowd into an enthusiastic and excited bunch of people ... the impact that the Big Picture had on the whole company was absolutely amazing. People still can't believe that they played a part in creating the masterpiece which now stands in the Atrium. The excitement from the day still lingers in the building and has helped to lift everyone's spirits. You guys rock and roll!


Thank you for once again a very professional teambuilding event thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

Deloitte Consulting

The whole day was an exhilarating experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Johnson Matthey

We had a great time, not only did we learn a lot about us as a team but also did each one learn their shortfalls. Despite the cold weather we did have a great time. The guys were great, they even helped me with a production line getting gift boxes packed for our function for the Monday night.

Johnson & Johnson

The course was EXTREMELY fun and fantastic! Well done - see U soon at our budget Conference.


Just a quick note to say thanks for a fantastic morning - I have had awesome feedback from everyone that participated and a lot of good lessons were taken out of the activities. Look forward to doing business with you in the future!!


The Commercial Break activity was absolutely stunning! Everyone is delighted with the final outputs and the professionalism of the awards function.


Best team event in the world!

roc consulting

Firstly, let me thank you and the entire team for arranging a truly outstanding weekend - from beginning to end. From a team building activity point of view, all my expectations from previously been on such weekends were exceeded. Our team really did bond (It's often just a myth and rumour has it that these types of weekends are just a HUGE party). The activities were well structured and arranged and took every member into account in all respects.

Reckitt Benckiser

Everyone had a wonderful time. Activities great and interactive… Overall great day.

Sab Miller

We had great fun. It was very educational. Your team was very clued up and so professional. They knew what was required of them and broke it down so easily. The EXCO team has shown great changes and team spirit amongst our self and our team-mates. We are truly looking forward to working with your team again in the near future.


On behalf of the PwC co-ordinators, a very, very big thank you to you and your team for the most awesome day. From the first minute to the last, JP and his team were outstanding - friendly, helpful and comfortable with the large number of delegates. Their excitement and enthusiasm in explaining, executing and supporting the two activities ensured that everyone knew what to do and more importantly, guaranteed fun and minimum frustration. Gerry, congratulations on your choice of the two activities for us - you tuned into our requirements brilliantly and couldn't have made better choices to allow our staff to communicate and get to know each other better. At the end of the day a tangible legacy has been created in The Big Picture that we will cherish for many years to come. When the Big Picture was unveiled, there was an audible gasp from everyone. Even those of us who helped with the initial concept had no idea how stunning the end result would be!

Price Waterhouse Coopers

As an organisation we are at the stage of seeking the next step and moving the business forward and as an important part of that is to embed a different mindset and therefore a change in culture, and the way we decided to do that was around a set of values that we are looking to implement in the organisation. So those are our objectives. They have absolutely been met by the events we have had over the last couple of days. There has been a lot of energy, a lot of activities that have been constructed around our values and it’s been an incredibly successful event.

Mr. Anthony Sutcliffe Home Retail Group

Recently we had the pleasure of working with CHATA member D&I Business Support on a scavenger hunt for international tour operators and wholesalers visiting the island. We requested their support in creating an interactive activity, which would showcase our island in a unique and fun way. D&I Business Support came up with the idea to provide a Scavenger Hunt to the wholesalers using their platform Go Team! This was a great success! The D&I team went above and beyond to meet our needs. Their biggest assets are their staff, who are very talented and service minded. We look further to continue our partnership in the future!.

Vianny Henriquez Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association
Event: Go Team

I was looking for a team activity where people would get a chance to get to know each other, act together and make a WOW effect amongst the participants. I also wanted the activity to be truly gripping without any sweating. When Seikkailu suggested Corporate Body Building amongst a few other activities it immediately became my favourite and am still extremely happy we chose precisely this activity. Seikkailu gave their all to make Metso logo look perfect even when our numbers dropped, finding the right filming spot, right logo colours, arranging us T-Shirts matching those colours, taking the sunlight and shadows into account etc. How the activity was executed came as a suprise even to me which was very pleasant from an organizer's point of view. And, we all did have very good time! Music, dance and small funny action to heighten the spirits do not show in the video but played a big part in how succesful the activity became. All of us still have the Metso-smile on our faces. An extra plus is the fact that now we have a fantastic video to use internally. Big THANK YOU for the great cooperation! I shall not hesitate to recommend you to everybody.


Working with Team Building Asia to deliver our recent program was a seamless experience. We developed a unique creative which Team Building Asia were able to adapt with their own Go Team APP technology to craft a Hong Kong centric experience. Testing and trialling with the client on a site visit was also a very smooth process. The event program itself was extremely successful, from the marshal’s onsite at each of our iconic locations to our main facilitator Oliver, we worked exceptionally well with Team Building Asia. The clients were wow’d by the day, and their energy was boundless. It is very rare to have a team so energised after so many hours, and with the debrief process indicating higher than expected results both Turning Point Solutions and our client were extremely impressed with the outcome.

Anna Patterson Turning Point Solutions
Event: Go Team

We hired UNIVERSUM for a teambuilding event for XEROX Top Management Team. We loved from the very beginning their enthusiasm and their fresh and creative ideas. The concept they proposed was original, memorable and equally entertaining. They have our appreciation also because they managed to accommodate the diverse nature of our group, while keeping everybody involved and feeling part of the team. We warmly recommend UNIVERSUM for any company that is looking for a reliable and creative partner for their teambuilding or any other events dedicated to their employees.

Mihaela Ionita Xerox Romania

The most frequent comment we've had is that it was the best Away Day ever - and that's even coming from our partners who've a) been on hundreds of these days and b) regularly have them in Marbella or Nice! So it must have been something quite special.

Price Waterhouse Coopers