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We love being part of a global network of like-minded businesses who support each other, collaborate ideas and share sales leads. Here's what our partners are saying about the Catalyst Global Network:

"Event Masters in the past year also conducted international research and worldwide from North to South and from East to West the latest trends in teambuilding mapped. Through this research, we have come into contact with the international forum, Catalyst Global. They set the bar too - just like us - very high. It's a dream partnership.Event Masters can use unmatched team building concepts from other members and at all exclusive to Belgium and vice versa: some of our concepts have meanwhile already found their way to other countries. This is invariably to proven and strong formats that have already proven their value before they are included in the network of Global Catalyst. Quality is always first. "

Bert Knuts, Event Masters (Catalyst Team Building Belgium)

In November last year, BeChallenged ran a Bridging the Divide program in Melbourne as part of a client’s Graduate Program for 70 participants. The Grads loved the event and our client was delighted with the program which matched his outcomes perfectly. Last week my client contacted me to find out whether we had a partner in South Africa as he is headed there in June to run a program for their Graduates in Johannesburg. It was great to be able to help my client out immediately and provide the details of Dream Team Catalyst.

The power of our Global Partnerships is really incredible and it’s impressive when we can put our own clients directly in touch with the right people who can deliver the same products and quality around the world!

Leigh Kitto, BeChallenged (Catalyst Team Building Australia)


“After building an data base of clients through motivational speaking joining the Catalyst Global netowrk seemed an obvious solution to expand the team development side of my business. I was initially drawn to the attention to detail and design ethic that makes their business games so appealing. As a small company being able instantly present fresh well thought out concepts to existing clients kept us ahead of competitors in the Danish market

Jacob Palmqvist, Aha Kompagniet (Catalyst Team Building Denmark)


“Having witnessed Catalyst professionalism in the UK I was very keen to take their products into the French Market. With and existing Blue Chip client base through facilitating Eagles flight training programmes I took on Catalyst activities that would compliment our existing portfolio. Since then we’ve never looked back, being part of Catalyst has allowed to go big; Beastwork for 4000 people and Big Picture for 1600, both record breaking events. Our business through event agencies has doubled!”

Guy Bergeaud, Eagles Team Building, France


"We provide games for grown ups with attitude" that was founder and CEO, Guy Baker’s introduction when I called him. With over 20 years experience and as market leaders in our niche market place, Catalyst Global seemed like the perfect partner to take our company forward – and they have (and we have) doubled our turn over by being able to offer their products exclusively in South Africa. Equally important the fit is perfect, the Catalyst team are great fun to work with and without this genuine sense of fun it would be hard to pass on such enthusiasm to our customers”

Gerry Skerritt, Dream Team Catalyst, South Africa


“We first heard of CATALYST at a trade fair in the UK. We quickly took up the license for the Middle East and have forged an excellent working relationship. Importantly we were able to retain our own identity by launching a brand new company called Biz events which almost exclusively delivers Catalyst programmes. With their support and over the years we have mastered the delivery of a vast array of events. I believe we are the global leaders in terms of the cross section of Catalyst events that we offer and this makes it very hard for any competitors in our region”.

Hazel Jackson, biz–events, Dubai