Passionate about Organisational Effectiveness

First and foremost I'm a family man and want to contribute to a world where our children will be safe, happy, challenged and free.

As Head of Finance & Legals at Catalyst Global I work in conjunction with other staff to design, implement and support the legal and finance systems for the Catalyst Global network. Ensuring the continued expansion of the group through effective internal reporting, financial and legal systems. I proactively and continuously identify system risks and opportunities, and develop & implement strategies to address both.  

With a background in IT I also function to oversee the design and implementation of all IT systems for Catalyst Global and the Catalyst Team Building network which includes the support of over 40 websites, reporting systems, internal forum and the like.

I am committed to working towards the growth of Catalyst Global to ensure organisational effectiveness and strengthen Catalyst Global's position as the world leader in corporate team building.